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wolf body, water bodies - wood. wood. wood.

currently, solo w/ text + audio description

lifelong process


by Dani Cole

photo by Richard Sayama

an improvisation that toggles the memory of my body as it was and the ongoing movement-stasis in Crip time... an undoing of what is work, a look at effortful rest through listening  




WIP sharing at Greenspace in March 2020, planned presentation at La Mama through Chen Dance Center cancelled due to COVID-19

M O B I V collaborators

photo by Claire Sersun

navigates endless mind spirals that trigger and exacerbate being overwhelmed. with laughter,    M O B I V pull themselves together in community and spill out into cycles chaotic let go and holding on tight to their vocal chords, speaking when they may otherwise be silent in a world of too much.

2019-0817 DaniCole-17.jpg

in lungs


WIP shared at Gibney in May 2019

Premiere at TADA! Theater in October 2019

M O B I V collaborators include Liana Kleinman, Anna Pinault, Riley Sullivan, Natalie True

music by Hildur Guðnadóttir, Ghost in the Brazos

photo by Nicole Stoddard

an evening-length dialogic and movement work, grounded in reflection. M O B  I V navigates the resiliency and tangible conjurations of memories through dance and spoken text developed in community writing and embodiment workshops.


what we held, slipped through

fall 2019

guest artist commission on the Steffi Nossen Dance Company, performed at the Choreographer's Showcase at the Emelin Theatre

music by Hildur Guðnadóttir & Hauschka

photo by Ellen Crane

commission with Steffi Nossen; what we held, slipped through is movement-oriented work, drawing from in lungs that questions how easily our favorite recollections fall through the porous walls of our memory & ways in which they also resurge with surprise

Dont go back where.jpg

don't go back. where?

fall 2018

presented at Bridge for Dance's Uptown Rising Performance Series, the New Work Series, College Choreographic Symposium

performed by Mimi Rosepink, Lily Sheppard, Riley Sullivan

costumes by Natalie True

music by Augusta Reade Thomas

photo by Nick Nazzaro

a trio work negotiating collective memory in the relentless forward motion of time



summer 2018​

presented at San Francisco Conservatory of Dance's Summer Performance I 


created in collaboration with dancers

performed by Jessie Fernandez, Bailey Jet, and Alice Svetic

music by Hildur Guonadottir

made in residency at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, navigating the confusion of binaries and the gaps that are filled with diverse meaning


please, wait to be eated.

spring 2018

presented at Marymount Manhattan College's DAW, Evening of Contemporary Dance


created in collaboration with dancers

performed by Lia Gagianas, Cassidy Grady, Rachel Locker, Jillian Rosner, Natalie True

costumes by Mondo Morales

music by Daniel Rosenboom & Lisa Moore

photo by Firstenfilm

a is for apple. a is for authority. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 7.24.19 PM.png


spring 2018

presented at Spark Dance Forum WIP

performed + created by Dani Cole and Sophia Heiner

music by Hildur Guonadottir

an intensive duet extended from SIX-TY and 60 (solo version) 


SIX-TY (short version)

fall 2017

presented at Marymount Manhattan College's DAW

performed by Jess Akers, Dani Cole, Joey Chang, Hannah Gryzmala, Sophia Heiner, Amanda Killmer, Sam Warner, Kam Vaulx

costumes by Mondo Morales

music composed by Dani Cole & Joey Chang

photo by Firstenfilm

an interdisciplinary investigation of left and right wing politics and the coercive manipulation of time


60 (solo version)

ongoing,.. began November 2016

presented at Marymount Manhattan College's WIP, 92Y's Fridays at Noon as "44...45.", Spark Dance Forum

performed by Dani Cole

costumes by Dani Cole

music by Dani Cole and Augusta Read Thomas

photo by Ezra Goh

an intensive solo meditation on the limiting nature of time. how does time feel amidst the drives and confusion of partisan politics and the current presidency? how does it feels to simultaneously look back at times of naïveté and actively continue onwards?


land gone

spring 2017

presented at Marymount Manhattan College's DAW, Spark Dance Forum, CBG Dance Festival, Steffi Nosen Choreographers' Showcase, Marymount Manhattan College's Honors Day 

originally performed by Misha Culver, Sarah Jannsen, Liana Kleinman, Jillian Rosner, Emily Sindoni, Bella Tenaglia

costumes by Mondo Morales

music by Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine, & Valgeir Sigurosson

photo by Firstenfilm


an exploration of freedom utilizing unconventional imagery of the Statue of Liberty

it was the children.jpg

It was the children

fall 2014

presented at Specialty Center Dance Company's Fall Performance, 92nd St. Y's Dance Up - The Next Generation

performed by members of the Specialty Center Dance Company 

music by Max Richter and Arvo Part

photo by Cliff Cole


created in honor of Alexander Lebenstein, WWII Holocaust Survivor, Foundation for Holocaust Education projects

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