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Mobilized Voices/M O B I V

M O B I V, founded by Artistic Leader & Organizer Dani Cole in November 2018, is a cohort of movement artists dedicated to in-process work with one another and the public spaces they share. M O B I V believes the intersections of identity, movement practice, and socio-political structure, generate ripe potentiality for re-embodying structures and mobilizing new pathways.


M O B I V welcomes creative processes that bridge practices informed by disability artistry, movement improvisation, dialogue, and writing at the forefront of change-making causes. Their work is defined, and re-defined, together; co-determined and in counterpoint to capitalist modes of individual production and performance. 



an excerpt of in lungs from our May 2019 WIP Sharing 


From 2018-2019, M O B I V has shared their work and open workshops as featured artists at Mana Contemporary’s fall 2019 open house, Gibney, An Evening of Contemporary Dance at the Actor's Fund, and Emerging Artist Theatre’s New Work Series at TADA! Theater. They were recipients of the inaugural Gibney Choreographic Residency at Mana Contemporary. They were briefly in residency through Chen Dance Center's newsteps program in 2020 prior to the pandemic. 


Lorena Jaramillo

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Anna Pinault (she/her) graduated from Marymount Manhattan in 2018 with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance. She currently dances with Rovaco Dance Company and Mobilized Voices/MOBIV. In 2019 Anna began developing her own movement exploration and body awareness curriculum called Daya Dance - she teaches this class weekly at Daya Yoga Studio and continues to develop the program with her own research. Passionate about helping people engage with their bodies, she also is a practitioner of Thai Bodywork and has a pedagogical certificate in the Horton dance technique. In addition, she works as the Lead Movement Trainer/Physical Therapist Aide at James Fowler PT. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anna developed a virtual youth movement education class that she currently teaches via JFPT’s virtual platform.


"The body can be an uncomfortable and even painful place for many people to exist. Trauma, injury, illness, and shame can all inhabit our physical homes and fill us with resentment. While healing has many definitions, and is an often complex process, I still maintain that if we unclench our fists and stay curious about ourselves we may find a little relief. It is my goal as an artist, teacher, administrator, and wellness worker to help facilitate this curiosity and to help people have experiences in which their body is, even for a moment, a source of wonder." - AP

Lorena Jaramillo (she/her) is a NYC based movement artist. Born and raised in Mexico City, she later moved to the United States to earn her BA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College. Lorena is an advocate for dance accessibility, specifically in the context of locale. This has led her to teach and perform with various activist organizations in the United States and Latin America, most of which engage with Latin and indigenous dance forms, such as Juntos Collective, Semillas Collective, CoopDanza and IndoRican Multicultural Dance Project. Lorena is currently dancing with Sydnie L. Mosley Dances, NK+D: A Movement Company, and M O B I V. She is committed to teaching, learning, and unlearning through movement, conversation and deep listening.

"Dance is an embodied, revolutionary practice of joy and healing. I uses dance as a way to connect with communities that are both similar and different from mine. I believes that our histories/herstories/our stories live in the body and that movement is a way to process the complicated relationships of culture, generational trauma, and radical joy." -LJ

Natalie True (she/her) is a movement artist and fitness instructor from Byfield, Massachusetts. She received her BFA in Choreography from Marymount Manhattan College and is currently based in NYC. This is Natalie’s second year M O B I V and she is engaged in community work + activism within the group and through her teaching. Additionally, Natalie completed her training at Physique 57 in January 2020 and has continued teaching barre fitness classes online throughout the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine. She is also a guest educator and master class facilitator at various dance studios in the northeast.

"Dance is the deepest passage into the natural rhythms surrounding us. Life is in a constant state of motion, and we as humans have the power to create rhythms and flow together. The more I wander, the more I find this flow state. My current mission is to help others tune into these frequencies and to dance intuitively through the individual and collective body. To dismantle the systems we have passed down and rebirth a new mode of being." -NT


Photography by Claire Sersun 

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